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9 ½ Most Devoted Groupie Tattoos

There’s a difference between fans and groupies that goes WELL beyond sex,
and it can be summed up in one word – ‘crazy’.
It’s one thing to buy every album by your favourite singer.

It’s another to have an impression of their face, name or tattoo inked onto your body in the most permanent way possible.

Like we said, crazy.

1. Drake

We feel sorry for this lady.

This young woman stumbled into LA tattoo parlour Will Rise sometime in December of last year.

She had already picked out the font on her iphone.

Drake has threatened to ‘f**k up’ the artist who inked the tattoo.

The strangest part of the story though?


A tattoo of the tattoo of Drake.

Mind blowing.


2. Janet Jackson as the Virgin Mary

Janet Jackson is the Virgin Mary
Thank you, Jermaine Dupree; thanks for showing us that when having a tattoo of the woman you love isn’t enough, dress her as the Virgin Mary. 

Congratulations, your devotion is noted; welcome to our list.


3. Li’l Wayne

Like standing in front of a mirror and holding a mirror.

A tattoo of Li’l Wayne, who is himself covered in tattoos.


4. Justin Bieber

Why would you NOT get a tattoo of a glowing Justin Bieber on your thigh?

We thank this nameless man for being the most devoted Justin Bieber fan we know.


5. John Lennon

Despite being by far the most creative tattoo on this list, we couldn’t find any information on the devoted fan.

Full marks for originality.

6. Jessica Simpson / Statue of Liberty

Is there any greater sign of devotion than permanently tattooing the object of your desire’s face upon your arm?

Yes. Turn her into the symbol of liberty and freedom.

God bless you, America.


7. Demi Lovato & Nikki Minaj

Here are two stars we never thought we’d see linked together. As it turns out, there is

one thing that binds these two ascendant stars together – fans with tattooed lips.
Demi’s and...



8. Manic Street Preachers

You cannot convey music in pictures.

That didn’t stop this guy from Manchester from trying.

In contrast to some of the other tattoos, everyone seems very jolly.


9. Joy Division


This pretty much sums up Joy Division.

Weird, beautiful, offbeat and utterly devoted.


BONUS! Half Groupie, All Crazy: Julia Roberts

Did we mean ‘groupie’ in the sense of a follower of a musician or band? Yes. Yes we did. Could we leave out this man who has 82 tattoos (and counting)…of Julia Roberts face?
No, we could not.

So, there you have it.

If you think you’ve got a tat to rival any one list, or you know someone else who does,
let us know.

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