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Blue Man Group Tickets

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About Blue Man Group

I really enjoy their performances. If you’ve never seen them, be prepared. The Blue Man Group is loud and they use a lot of mixed media in their performances. The groups are located in different large cities and consist of three guys, all bald and all blue.

They take the audience on an acid trip of multimedia with theatrical performance, percussion, science, humor, art and more. They describe their show as a modern vaudevillian show, which is a very accurate depiction of what they do.

Some Blue Man Group subsets have their own theatres, depending on the city in which they are located.

For example, those with tickets to see the Orlando Blue Man Group will enjoy the experience in a 1,000 seat Sharp Aquos Theatre that was constructed just for Blue Man performances.

There is a Chicago Blue Man Group, a Las Vegas Blue Man Group, a Boston Blue Man Group as well as groups in New York City, Los Angeles and several other large cities.

Most people report that going to a Blue Man Group show actually feels like one big party and I agree: one big, very loud party with blue people playing host.
The group even has a satirical concert show that has toured in more than 300 cities around the country as well as Canada, South America, Korea and France, to name a few international countries.

The tour was dubbed Megastar World Tour and appealed to all ages with its loud, lively musical numbers.

The music is varied between rock and jazz and electronica and more.

The Blue Man Group is not tied to any one musical genre, which is part of the reason it appeals to such a diverse audience. In fact, the audience is usually comprised of people of all ages, races and cultural backgrounds.

This diversity showcases the widespread appeal of the group, which is probably why they have had such great success since the inception of the Blue Man Group organization.

To say that their performances feel like an experience from another planet would be most accurate. If you like super loud, super dramatic productions, then the Blue Man Group show is perfect for you.

Blue Man Group Launches First Theatrical Tour Of North America

Blue Man Group has been around since the late 1980's.  They have shows in New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Germany, Japan, and Sweden.  They also have a production running on a Norwegian Cruise Line.

The trio of blue skinned, earless, speechless, alopecia suffers have appeared in dozens of commercials and television shows as well as numerous high profile live events.

However, Blue Man Group is most famous for and will always be famous for one thing: being on Arrested Development.

On the hilarious but ill-fated Fox sitcom, the character Tobias Fünke—the first licensed "analrapist" (a combination of analyst and therapist)—tried to join the Blue Man Group.  He mistakenly believed it was a support group for depressed men.

As a result, Fünke spent most of the second season in a blue hue.  The makeup, which stretched from his head to his toes, was constantly getting onto everything.  And in a hilarious contradiction of the aforementioned Blue Man description, Fünke wore glasses and failed to shave off his bushy moustache.

Arrested Development is a cult classic.  Separating one's self from such a thing is quite difficult, but if anyone can do it, it's The Blue Man Group.

The creative organization launched their first ever theatrical tour on Sept. 14, 2010 in Dallas, Texas.  Prior to that, the show teched in Fayetteville, Arkansas for about a week.

The tour will visit nearly 40 cities culminating with a multi-week stand at the Golden Gate Theatre in San Francisco, California

Tickets for the Blue Man Group are on sale for a majority of shows.

The Blue Man Group's tour features stuff from their current productions as well as brand new stuff created just for this outing.

Traditionally, Blue Man Group shows are a cross between a rock concert and a theater show.  Their act utilizes music, comedy, and multimedia elements.  The trio is accompanied on stage by a live band.

"We can't wait to show the country what we've been working on. This show combines Vegas-sized production values and spectacle with the intimate Off-Broadway experience for which we are best known," says Chris Wink, Blue Man Group co-founder.

Some of the new features fans can expect to see are a proscenium-sized LED curtain and a high-resolution screen.  The traveling production also employs new sets and a new sound design.

Aspects of the show that haven't changed are the good times and the audience participation.

"Our show is really more about the collective experience of the audience. It's about all of us embracing a sense of wonder and discovery, and celebrating together rather than passively viewing a performance," explains co-founder Phil Stanton.

The Blue Man Group was founded by Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman in 1987 in Manhattan.  The trio's first show, Tubes, was well-received by both critics and audiences and eventually earned them an Obie Award (bestowed by the Village Voice to off-Broadway theater groups and performers).  That show is still running at the Astor Place Theatre.  The group's first show outside of New York opened in Boston at the Charles Playhouse in 1995.

In addition to their theatrical shows, the Blue Man Group has also released several albums and performance DVD's.  A full-length 3-D movie starring the Blue Man Group is scheduled for release at IMAX theaters in 2011.


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