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Phantom of the Opera Tickets

Phantom of the Opera Tickets

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About The Phantom of the Opera Live Experience

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About Phantom of the Opera

It celebrated its 21st anniversary on Broadway in January of 2009.  It’s the first Broadway production to ever have a run lasting 21 years.

Since January of 2006, it’s been the longest running and most performed show in Broadway history.  This musical has been performed over 8,700 times.

In 1988, it won seven Tony Awards, including best musical. 

Its total worldwide gross is estimated at over $5 billion, making it the most successful entertainment venture of all time.

It has also set records for industry benchmarks like capitalization, total advance, total gross and attendance.

In 2004, the musical was made into a film.

It’s the longest continuously-touring show in U.S. history.  Its current U.S. touring company celebrated its 16th anniversary on December 13, 2008. 

To date, 73 cities in North America have hosted 179 engagements and over 6,500 performances. 

Of course, all these accomplishments belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom is based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux. Webber composed the music with lyrics by Charles Hart and additional lyrics by Richard Stilgoe.

The musical contains such hits as “The Music of the Night,” “All I Ask of You,” “Phantom of the Opera,” and “Masquerade.”

Phantom had its world premiere on October 9, 1986 at Her Majesty's Theatre in London. And Phantom of the Opera tickets have been in demand ever since. Despite its age, there is still a lot going on for the “Music of the Night.”

The Phantom o fthe Opera has been such a popular musical that it continues to tour.

The Phantom of the Opera Sequel

Webber plans on creating a sequel to the show called, “Phantom: Love Never Dies.” 

It’s set to open at the end of 2009, with simultaneous openings in three cities.  Of course two of those cities will be New York (Broadway) and London (West End), but Webber hopes the third city will be Shanghai, China.

“I think to open ‘Love Never Dies’ in Shanghai would be an enormous thing,” Webber told the Times of London.

The sequel will be loosely based on “The Phantom of Manhattan,” published in 1999 and written by Frederick Forsyth.

Whether legend or fact, this sequel has been delayed by a misfortunate deletion of Webber’s musical score.  According to the Daily Mail, Webber’s cat climbed on to his digital piano and deleted the entire score.  Webber was unable to recover the files and had to reconstruct the score from scratch. 

While this feels like the excuse “the dog ate my homework,” anyone who owns a cat completely understands.

In addition to the sequel, fans may soon have the chance to sing “All I Ask of You” on their video game console.

Webber has been talking to videogame publishers about a game featuring his music.  The game would be in the tradition of other music games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, SongStar and Lips.

No word yet on if the video game will come with the Phantom mask.

Even after more than a quarter of a century, Phantom of the Opera is still a source of inspiration, exactly what you would expect from the greatest musical of all time.



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