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The smell of peanuts and hot hogs, the sound of the orchestra warming up, and the glow of the spotlight hitting the lead singer, those are just some of the extraordinary stimulus a ticket holder experiences when attending a live event.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the big game, a Broadway show, or a rock concert, live events have a way of dazzling the senses. Fans with college football tickets are serenaded by the student band. Fans with Broadway tickets are bombarded by the theatre’s myriad of aromas. And concert-goers are pounded on the chest by sound waves vibrating from industrial-sized amplifiers.

However, the greatest feelings experienced by event attendees, even those with cheap tickets, aren’t related to what they can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. Instead, it’s the overwhelming sense of anticipation they feel when they first walk into a sports stadium, a theatre, and/or a concert venue. It’s the sensation that they’re about to witness something special.

If you have football tickets, the feeling overcomes you as you make your way to your seat. You sense restlessness in the crowd and tension among the players. Perhaps everyone is on pins and needles because it’s a must win game with playoff implications or maybe your fellow fans are buzzing because the team is taking on their fiercest rival. You don’t see it or smell it, but you know it’s there.

With theatre tickets, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the stage. It’s free of actors but full of promise. You know that in a few moments the curtain will rise and you’ll be whisked away to another time and place. It’s exciting to realize that no matter how many times you’ve purchased Wicked tickets or Jersey Boys tickets the next time you see either of those shows the performance is going to be unique. That’s the thrill and excitement of live theatre—no two performances are ever the same.

Music fans attend concerts in a variety of venues. Some are small and intimate while others are large and spacious. Obviously, you’re going to have a different experience with U2 tickets, Taylor Swift tickets or Lady Gaga tickets then you will with cheap tickets to the an indie rock band or to a country music concert at a state fair. Regardless of the size of the venue, seeing the drum set, the giant stack of speakers, and the lights hanging over the stage is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You realize that in a matter of moments the band is going to walk on stage, pick up their instruments, and magically reproduce the music from their albums. That’s why waiting for that first note to be played is nothing short of invigorating.

What’s your favorite part of attending a live event? If you have race tickets, is it the moment they start their engines or the moment they drop the green flag? If you have theater tickets, is it when the band plays the overture or when the curtain rises? If you have top tickets to a rock concert, is it when the band first appears or when they play your favorite song? Everyone has a different favorite moment when it comes to live events. If you don’t know yours, then it’s time to use Best Show Tickets and find out.



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