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About the WWE

A World Wrestling Entertainment live show can be summed up in one word: “fun.”  If you asked me to sum up a WWE live show in two words, I wouldn’t.  “Fun” is the only word you need.

Whether it’s Smackdown or Raw, or whether it’s an untelevised live show or a pay-per-view spectacle like Armageddon, the WWE always delivers a good time.

Pundits often remark professional wrestling is “fake.”  While that statement is true, it’s akin to noting that a stage play isn’t really comprised of real people acting in a spontaneous manner.  One would never say Hamlet is “fake.”

The enjoyment of watching professional wrestling isn’t found in who wins or loses, but in the journey.  While some wrestling fans may have a preference as to who wins the World Heavyweight Championship bout at Armageddon between John Cena and Chris Jericho, most are just rooting for a dramatic and memorable match.

The other mistake critics make about the WWE is assuming the fighting is pretend and the combatants don’t suffer injuries.  That of course is not true.  Wrestlers suffer some of the worst injuries in all of sports.

While punches are pulled and attempts made to lessen the impact of high-risk maneuvers, the violence is very real.  When the Undertaker gets hit by a chair, he gets hit by a chair.  When Jeff Hardy flies from the top turnbuckle, he really flies from the top turnbuckle.

WWE wrestlers put their bodies on the line every night.  It’s that kind of dedication and passion that contributes to the success of the WWE. 

Fans know the arduous journey WWE wrestlers have taken.  A wrestler’s life is hard and lonely.  Long before making it to WWE, wrestlers logged thousands of miles on the road just for a chance to make $25 dollars at a state fair or a few beers at a dingy bar.  A WWE locker room is full of stories about struggling grapplers sleeping in cars and surviving on dollars-a-day.

Even after reaching the so-called “big time” of the WWE, wrestling is still a very tough business.  The average WWE wrestler probably spends 200 nights a year on the road.  Unlike professional sports teams, the WWE does not pay for its wrestlers’ transportation costs.  It’s up to each wrestler to travel to the HSBC Arena, or the Wachovia Center or Madison Square Garden, or whatever arena the WWE is scheduled to perform its live show.

Fans respect these sacrifices and reward deserving wrestlers with applause, if the wrestler is a “face” (good guy), or boos, if the wrestler is a “heel” (bad guy). 

If you’ve never been to a WWE show you may not understand, but it will become very clear when you actually sit in the stands and feel the excitement.  A WWE event is one of the few forms of live entertainment that’s interactive.  That’s what makes the WWE so much fun.


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